mega knight deck Mega Knight Deck

Use the knockback effect to stop bridge spam and hogs!

golem deck Golem Deck

Build a huge push with the golem as your big tank!

golem deck Miner Deck

Chip at your opponent’s tower with your miner!

three musketeers deck Three Musketeers Deck

Put pressure on both lanes by supporting your musketeers!

sparky deck Sparky Deck

Defend then counterattack with the sparky behind a tank!

pekka deck Pekka Deck

Become the master of bridge spam!

royal giant deck Royal Giant Deck

Don’t be afraid of X-bows and mortars anymore!

lumberjack deck Lumberjack Deck

Use the rage spell to your advantage!

xbow deck Xbow Deck

Strengthen your arc-x defense to connect with your opponent’s tower!

electro wizard deck Electro Wizard Deck

Use his reset mechanism to your advantage!

night witch deck Night Witch Deck

Placed behind a tank she can wreak havoc!

ram rider deck Ram Rider Deck

She’s even harder to stop than the hog rider!

princess deck Princess Deck

Take control of the map with the princess!

graveyard deck Graveyard Deck

Clean defense and counterattack with the graveyard!

inferno dragon deck Inferno Dragon Deck

Get rid of enemy tanks in a matter of seconds!

mortar deck Mortar Deck

Outcycle your opponent with mortar and miner!

elixir golem deck Elixir Golem Deck

Overwhelm your opponent’s defense with an elixir golem push!

lava hound deck Lava Hound Deck

Take off with an all air deck

balloon deck Balloon Deck

Outcycle your opponent with your balloon

magic archer deck Magic Archer Deck

Find the right angle and pierce through enemy units!

hog rider deck Hog Rider Deck

Outpace your opponent by cycling another hog rider!

bandit deck Bandit Deck

Use the bandit dash to counter a prince or a sparky

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