Bandit deck

The bandit is a unit with special abilities that can dash one ground unit at a time without being able to be stopped. She can be found in bridge spam decks that seek to overwhelm the opponent by putting pressure on each lane!

How to use the bandit deck

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 3 elixirs

The bandit is a legendary card that costs 3 elixir. She can dash ground troops within a radius of 4 to 6 tiles. To be able to dash, she must be at least 4 tiles away. When the bandit reaches her target after a dash, she deals twice as much damage as normal.

Her charging mechanism is really special. She emits a whistle when she has locked her target. It can’t be stopped except by a zap or a freeze. At the moment of the dash, the bandit is invulnerable: nothing can inflict damage to her! Not even the bowler and the log can stop her.

She is particularly effective against the prince. The latter will not be able to inflict damage during his own charge. She can therefore defeat a card that costs 5 elixirs and counterattack after : a positive elixir trade!

Similarly, the bandit deck totally counters the sparky. Remember, when she dashes, she is untouchable. So the sparky will fire into the void and the bandit will have time to eliminate it before it can reload its blast.

On the other hand, the bandit can dash across the river with the same mechanism as the hog rider jump. So you can use her to snipe a dart goblin or a misplaced magic archer. In a similar way, you can dash building placed too close to the river.

bandit deck
Bandit in the pocket

How to counter the bandit?

The best way to stop the bandit is to stop her from dashing your units. To do so, deploy your defending units close to the bandit to prevent her from charging. The ice golem and the knight are particularly effective.

Spawners such as goblin gang, guards or skeleton armies are also very useful against the bandit. Be careful though, your opponent may have the zap in hand, so try to vary the deployment positions.

The witch also counters the bandit deck by absorbing her dash with the skeletons she generates. Similarly, the tombstone blocks the bandit dash with the skeletons flow it produces.

In the current meta with the coming back of the goblin hut and the barbarian hut, the bandit deck is more difficult to play. She is indeed at a disavantage against these defensive buildings which generate spawners blocking her dash.

bandit 3 musketeers
Bandit with three musketeers

Supporting cards in the bandit deck

We very often find the bandit in bridge spam decks with the pekka, the three musketeers and the battle ram.

In a pekka deck, the bandit is ideal to put pressure on a tower. She is often paired with the battle ram and the royal ghost, which will force your opponent to constantly use his elixir in defense.

In a three musketeers deck, the bandit will be able to support your musketeers during a push. You can also deploy her with an ice golem to tank.

Among the spells, the zap is very useful because it can get rid of the skeleton army and the goblin gang. Your bandit will then be able to connect with the opponent’s tower.

Invulnerable while dashing Easily distracted by huts
The bandit can dash on multiple targets Alone, she is easily countered
She can snipe troops too close to the bridge Vulnerable to air decks

Best bandit decks

Source : Royale API

Bandit mega-knight deck

barbarian barrel
Barbarian barrel
giant snowball
Giant snowball
inferno dragon
Inferno dragon
ram rider
Ram rider
Average cost in elixir : 3.9 Code name : Mega knight ram rider

This bandit deck can puts a lot of pressure on your opponent. Keep the mega knight in hand to counter any bridge spam attempts from your opponent. Instead, use the bandit and the ram rider to destabilize your opponent in simple elixir. At first, you will have to remain passive and memorize the card cycle of your opponent. In double elixir, you’ll be able to mount a big push using your defending troops to counter-attack and put pressure on both lanes! The electro-wizard as well as the inferno dragon will be able to support your mega knight or ram rider in counter-attack. With the bandit, try to snipe the units used in defense by your opponent at the river.

Bandit pekka deck

battle ram
Battle ram
royal ghost
Royal ghost
Average cost in elixir : 3.75 Code name : Pekka Bridge Spam

With its many win conditions, this deck is very difficult to stop. The pekka is not the main card of this deck because it will only be used in defense against big elixir investments on the opponent’s side. At the beginning of the game, put pressure on the opposing towers with the bandit, the battle ram and the royal ghost. It is important to identify the opponent’s answers in order to play these cards at the right time! The zap can allow the bandit or battle ram to connect by quickly eliminating skeletons or bats. In double elixir you can use the pekka to build a big push by supporting it with poison as it approaches the opponent’s tower.

Bandit three musketeers deck

barbarian barrel
Barbarian barrel
battle ram
Battle ram
elixir collector
Elixir collector
ice golem
Ice golem
royal ghost
Royal ghost
three musketeers
Trhree musketeers
Average cost in elixir : 4.1 Code name : 3M bandit bride spam

Play here on the complementarity between the collector and the three musketeers. Let your opponent use a poison on your elixir collector and then deploy your three musketeers behind the king tower. You will then be able to mount a powerful attack on each side by tanking the musketeer alone with the battle ram and pair the other two with the bandit. In simple elixir, prefer defense with your hunter who can be protected by the ice golem. In attack, the bandit and the royal ghost will destabilize your opponent on both lane! The barbarian barrel will allow you to defend against a log bait deck.

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