Graveyard Deck

The graveyard is a legendary card that can be displayed anywhere in the arena. To be effective, a graveyard deck must include at least one tank that will take the aggro of the enemy tower during a push.

How to use the graveyard deck

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 5 elixirs

The graveyard is the only legendary spell with the log. It’s unlocked from Arena 12. It works as follows: it generates 20 skeletons for 10 seconds in the area where it is deployed. The first skeleton appears 1.5 seconds after the spell is cast.

The graveyard deck is a very strong counter-attacking composition. It is played passively at the beginning of the game in order to identify the opponent’s counters. In transition phase, after a successful defense, take advantage of the hit points of your troops in counter-attack to launch a graveyard.

Your goal is to maximize the damage you can deal with a graveyard. It is thus necessary to be able to support the graveyard either with a tank or with other spells like poison or freeze. If your opponent has effective counters in hand and is not behind in elixir, wait. Above all do not force a graveyard which could put you at risk in defense.

The graveyard’s deployment must respect certain rules. Never launch the cemetery in the center of the opponent’s tower, it may activate the enemy king’s tower! The optimal placement is two squares to the left of the center of the opponent’s tower.

valkyrie graveyard
Optimal graveyard placement opposite lane

How to counter the graveyard?

The graveyard is very vulnerable to poison. This spell will indeed neutralize the skeletons for a cost of 4 elixirs when the graveyard will cost you 5 elixirs. You can use other spells such as zap or log but you will have to wait for the skeletons to start accumulating.

Generally speaking, in order to minimize damage of the graveyard deck, you will have to stop enemy tanks from crossing the bridge. If you can’t do this, you can deploy light troops such as bats, minions or goblins. However, this strategy is risky if your opponent has the poison in hand. The latter will eliminate swarm troops easily.

Archers remove skeletons in one shot with a fast shooting frequency, which makes them very good counters, but they are also vulnerable to poison.

Valkyrie is also very effective when deployed in the centre of the graveyard. Moreover, she is resistant to poison which makes her a very good card to counter a graveyard deck!

By activating your king’s tower, your opponent’s graveyard will be much less effective. Your king’s tower will indeed assist your other towers, making your opponent’s task more difficult.

graveyard freeze
Graveyard freeze push

Supporting cards in the graveyard deck

There are two very popular spells with graveyard decks:

  1. The poison that prevents your opponent from defending with swarm troops. It can force less effective troops to counter the graveyard. In this way, you will increase your elixir lead.
  2. The freeze neutralizes opponents’ counters with more hit points like valkyrie, making it a very effective spell combined with the graveyard. On the other hand, you will benefit from the surprise effect on the first push which can allow you to take a tower quickly.

We find in the graveyard decks, units with many hit points and effective in defense. One will think in particular of the baby dragon as well as the bowler. These troops can take the aggro of the enemy tower and thus support your graveyard in counter-attack. The ice golem is also a good alternative because it costs only 2 elexir and can support a fast graveyard push if your opponent is behind in elixir.

Very good defenseHard match-up if your opponent activates king’s tower
One push can win it allVulnerable to poison
No bad match-upsGraveyard poison push is expansive

Best graveyard decks

Source : Royale API

Graveyard freeze deck

baby dragon
Baby dragon
Barbarian barrel
Barbarian barrel
Average cost in elixir : 3.6 Code name : Graveyard freeze

In this graveyard deck, it’s the freeze spell that comes with your win condition. Wait for the right moment before using your freeze. Analyze your opponent’s counters and if your opponent has the poison wait until he plays it in attack before casting the graveyard. With good timing you can take the opponent’s tower without a tank in one push! Your defense will be ensured by the super combo executioner + tornado with cards like the barbarian barrel and goblins to cycle. With an average cost of 3.6 you can quickly get the graveyard back in hand if necessary.

Graveyard poison deck

baby dragon
Baby dragon
barbarian barrel
Barbarian barrel
ice wizard
Ice wizard
Average cost in elixir : 3.4 Code name : Graveyare ice wiz tornado

This time the defense will be ensured by the ice wizard + tornado combo. Together these two cards can stop a golem deck easily with the tombstone to keep the enemy tank away from your tower. The graveyard will be here with the poison in attack. It will have to be used when your opponent decides to defend with small troops such as archers or bats. With a tank like the knight or the baby dragon you will be able to put pressure on the opponent’s tower. Wait until you have enough elixir to launch the graveyard!

Giant graveyard deck

giant snowball
Giant snowball
goblin gang
Goblin gang
skeleton army
Skeleton army
spear goblins
Spear goblins
Average cost in elixir : 3.1 Code name : Giant graveyard bait

This graveyard deck cycles very fast with an average cost in elixir of only 3.1! It plays much more aggressively than the other two. The giant + graveyard combo can be devastating because the giant can tank the graveyard for a long time. Another important aspect of this deck: the bait. With the bats, goblins and the skeleton army, you can bait small enemy spells such as zap and log. So you can also overwhelm your opponent with your small troops! The giant snowball and arrows can clear the way against minions and goblins!

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