Inferno Dragon Deck

The inferno dragon is a legendary air card that functions as the inferno tower. It takes 4 seconds to reach his maximum power and inflict colossal damage to his target!

How to use the inferno dragon deck

  • Targets : air and ground
  • Cost : 4 elixirs

The inferno dragon deals damage per second (DPS) depending on how long he takes to target an enemy unit. It takes 4 seconds to reach his maximum power. When the inferno dragon has been locked on a target for more than 4 seconds, he inflicts 100% DPS! The target’s hit points then drop at a dizzying rate. This charge time can be slowed down by an ice wizard!

In an inferno dragon deck, there are two recurring win conditions: the lava hound and the graveyard. In both archetypes, the inferno dragon plays a primordial defensive role. He will indeed be able to counter all the tanks of the game: the pekka, the giant, the golem as well as the royal giant.

His high hit points will also allow him to be useful in counter-attack. Behind the lava hound or to take the aggro of the tower combined with a graveyard, he is very effective!

double dragon push
Lava hound supported by the two dragons

How to counter the inferno dragon?

The inferno dragon is extremely vulnerable if he finds himself isolated like a sparky without support! He can then be easily countered by an ice spirit or small fast troops like goblins and skeletons.

On the other hand, due to his low travel speed, he can easily be kited by a troop like a hog rider deployed on the opposite lane!

The witch is very effective against an inferno dragon deck because she can both distract him with skeletons and target air troops. Placed behind a tank, she can mobilize the inferno dragon’s attention and prevent him from targeting the tank!

On the spell side, wait the 4 seconds for the inferno dragon to reach his maximum power before using a zap or lightning spell. This method will reset the inferno dragon! A fireball can also reset the dragon by moving him away from his target with its remoteness mechanism just like the giant snowball.

mega knight inferno dragon
Mega knight inferno dragon push

Supporting cards in the inferno dragon deck

As he is a fragile unit, the inferno dragon pairs very well with the lava hound who will come to protect him. We also find the miner in the inferno dragon deck to tank the lava rockets as well as the dragon if he is still alive.

You can also find this card in the mega knight deck. Placed behind the mega knight, the inferno dragon will be able to eliminate all the small tanks that could slow down the mega knight like valkyrie or a prince. Along with bats or a goblin barrel this push can be devastating!

A baby dragon placed behind the inferno dragon will accelerate the speed of the inferno. This combo is interesting because the baby dragon will also be able to take care of small troops that could distract the inferno dragon.

Very good defense against tanks The inferno dragon can be easily distracted
The inferno dragon is a very versatile unit Countered by zap and lightning
Efficient deck in counter-attack Struggles agains fast cycle decks

Best inferno dragon decks

Source : Royale API

Inferno dragon mega knight deck

Giant snowball
Giant snowball
goblin gang
Goblin gang
inferno dragon
Inferno dragon
Mega knight
spear goblins
Spear goblins
skeleton barrel
Skeleton barrel
Average cost in elixir : 3.3 Code name : Mega knight bait

This inferno dragon deck relies on two big shock troops and small troops to mount big pushs. The miner combo + skeleton barrel is very effective in single elixir. You can use goblins or bats to bait the opponent’s zap. The inferno dragon will have to be used in defense and can be paired with a mega knight in counter-attack in double elixir. No big spells in this deck, only the giant snowball to get rid of small troops. It will be necessary to use the inferno dragon in defense against a tank and protect him as long as possible!

Inferno dragon graveyard deck

baby dragon
Baby dragon
barbarian barrel
Barbarian barrel
ice wizard
Ice wizard
inferno dragon
Inferno dragon
Average cost in elixir : 3.8 Code name : Graveyard double dragons

A very defense-oriented deck. You have to be very patient in single elixir and cycle slow cards like the ice wizard or the bowler. Analyze the graveyard counters in the opponent’s hand (poison, valkyrie…). After you have successfully completed several defensive sequences and when you think you have a good elixir lead you can cast a graveyard. Lean on the bowler or the baby dragon to take the aggro from the opponent’s tower. The freeze will surprise your opponent if he doesn’t have the poison in his hand, you can take his tower in one push!

Inferno dragon lava hound deck

baby dragon
Baby dragon
inferno dragon
Inferno dragon
lava hound
Lava hound
Average cost in elixir : 3.8 Code name : Lava miner inferno dragon

In attack your objective is to reach the opponent’s tower with your hound and tank the lava rockets with a miner. If you succeed you can take a tower in one push. To support the hound in the air, use the baby dragons to get rid of minions or bats. The inferno dragon will be more useful in defense. Don’t hesitate to place a lava hound in front of him to mount a big push. On the ground, you only have the tombstone and the guards, so you’ll have to be careful and use these cards well. The zap and the fireball will help you to support the hound. In front of an executioner, you will have to wait for your opponent to use him because he is very effective to counter the hound!

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